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  • Towing A Semi

    Semi-trucks are very common on major roads and highways. They help with the delivery of a large volume of goods as they are particularly useful for long-distance deliveries. Although a well-maintained semi-truck offers reliable transportation, certain unforeseen circumstances such as a breakdown cannot be eliminated. Once in a while, you are going to come across a semi-truck that has had an accident or broken down.

    This means that fleet managers and companies operating semi-trucks should have in place emergency response plans just in case. The reason is that towing semi-trucks is not as easy as towing lightweight vehicles. Semi-trucks require heavy-duty towing.

    Therefore, as long as you own a semi, then you should have in place a service agreement with a towing company, which helps during incidences that require roadside emergency response. This means that having an agreement with a towing company will help you reduce costs associated with towing a semi.

    Given that semi-trucks haul heavy and long trailers, accidents involving them can sometimes cause heavy traffic snarl-ups. For this reason, law enforcement usually looks for a quick solution, which may entail calling a roadside towing and recovery company at your expense. If you are operating a fleet of semis, you are better off if you already have an agreement with a towing company. If not, you can still make an arrangement as soon as you possibly can. You may want to consider Pro-Tow for such services.

    Why is towing a semi such an important thing to consider? For the safety of other drivers, the semi must be removed from the road. The reason is that it can cause additional accidents when others crash into it or are distracted by it.

    Therefore, it is only logical that you call a towing company immediately. This reduces the risks of further damage and further accidents. The towing company will decide on how to tow the semi. Towing a semi needs to be done by a company you trust. You should not wait for an accident or emergency for you to start calling towing companies. Before such an eventuality rears its ugly head, it is critical that you make an effort to identify which towing company will provide the services you need. After that, make an appointment and visit the towing company.

    The reason you should visit a towing company is to assess how well-equipped the company is to tow a semi. Engage the people there in a friendly chat and ask about the tools and equipment they use. Doing so also helps them improve because they will get to understand that they have clients who are particular about quality. In any case, you will be paying them and you do not want to pay a towing company that will damage your semi.

    However, be careful that sometimes people risk trying to drive a semi to a repair shop as opposed to towing it. The golden rule should be that once the driver cannot fully control the semi because of mechanical issues, do not drive. The reason is that you may incur costly damages than are more than the cost of calling your towing company.

    Accident Cleanups After Recovery

    In some instances, semi-trucks may be involved in accidents that lead to debris and oil spillage on the road. These usually necessitate coordinated recovery and cleanup. The debris may be scattered all over the road or around the road. Such debris must be cleaned so that other vehicles using the road are not put at risk. Metallic debris on the road can puncture tires while oil spills on the road can reduce friction and cause accidents. This means that towing semis must be complemented with accident site cleanup.

    You should ensure that all due diligence is done to eliminate secondary accidents happening as a result of sub-standard cleanup. You should contact cleanup companies and inform them whether the semi-truck had hazardous materials on board. However, most road cleanup crews already know their work. Despite this, you are required to cooperate and share any information that will help them do a good job.

    In some states, liability for accidents following a semi-truck accident is charged on the initial vehicle that caused the accident. This means that you should take post-accident cleanup seriously. Most towing companies currently offer cleanup services such as fuel cleanup, oil spill cleanup, and semi-truck accident cleanup. You should consider such companies as you scout for a towing company. A possible company that you may want to consider is Pro-Tow. You can contact them for your towing needs and have your entire fleet covered.

    Engine Maintenance

    The secret to eliminating a lot of trouble on the road sometimes lies in engine maintenance. Semi-trucks run on diesel engines. There are many semi-truck repair shops that you can consider for your vehicle. You should respect the mileage interval after each service so that your diesel engine performs optimally. The diesel repair could be a total engine overhaul or a full service.

    A total engine overhaul is quite costly in the short-term. However, you will certainly get an extended period of service before you visit your repair shop again. Full service should address issues like engine lights, drive trains, and fuel systems among others. Scheduling diesel repair ensures that the semi-truck serves you for a long time. As long as you follow the mechanic’s recommendations, you will escape a lot of trouble with your engine. In any case, semis need a lot of power; therefore, engine maintenance is very important.


    As you might have noted, having a semi-truck is a good investment. For continued returns and operations, you need to sign up for emergency services such as towing and accident cleanups. This ensures that when accidents happen, you can quickly have a company on site. As you select your towing and accident cleanup company, consider their geo-locations versus the regions in which your trucks operate. It is normal to have more than one towing and accident cleanup company if your operations are geographically dispersed.