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Pro-Tow tows almost every type of vehicle you can imagine. And we are not joking. When we say we tow any vehicle, we include box trucks on that list also. Box trucks are widely popular when it comes to moving houses. It can hold a significant amount of household items, thus helping moving companies to transport a lot of things together. But what happens if the box truck malfunctions in the middle of the highway? With no car repair companies around, you may feel stranded. But don’t worry; we are here to help.

What is a box truck?

There’s nothing much to tell. You will understand a box truck by the looks of it. It’s a massive truck that requires a significant amount of space to move. Most companies use box trucks to haul extensively large objects. For example, king-sized beds, big wardrobes, pianos, and many other things can fit inside a box truck easily. These trucks have a spacious rectangular chassis attached at the back. Box trucks are extremely heavy. Some of the empty trucks weigh between 6.5 to 11 tons. You can imagine the amount of weight they can carry in every journey. If the box truck weighs 11 tons, think of the weight of the truck that we need to use to tow that truck away. In fact, we use a flatbed low truck to tow box trucks away. Since box trucks are too big and heavy to move using the hook and chain method or a wheel-lift, we use a flatbed truck that offers adequate space and security. This technique allows us to safely transport box trucks without avoiding any damage to the vehicle while towing from one place to another.

Why you should trust Pro-Tow?

WWhen it comes to towing box trucks, you can rely on Pro-Tow, Inc. to provide a satisfying service.We have years of experience in towing a variety of trucks in the Columbus, OH area. Although the size of a box truck can be intimidating, we have appropriate arrangements to tow it away. Our flatbed trucks are always ready to address your call and reach at your location quickly. All you need to do is inform your location in Columbus, OH, and wait for us to arrive. Once we come over, you don’t have to worry about anything. It doesn’t matter whether you want us to tow a box truck, a tractor, a Ford F-150, or a Toyota Camry; we are up for any towing service you need. Over the years, we have gathered enough machines, tools, and towing trucks that help us do our job efficiently. We have a fleet of flatbed trucks ready to come to your rescue if you cannot move with your box truck. Our safe transport system, quick arrival, and excellent customer service will make you want to hire us again.

Things to keep in mind while renting a box truck

Most companies don’t buy box trucks because they are too expensive. You would have to spend a fortune to buy a box truck. Moving companies usually contact a car rental company that provides box trucks on rent. If you have not rented a box truck before, you should keep the following things in mind. 1. Renting protocols Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the car rental company if the box truck suddenly breaks down. Some rental companies have contracts with other towing companies for such emergencies. We don’t want you to get harassed after contacting us. If they don’t have any such protocols, feel free to call us if the box truck stops working. It doesn’t matter where you are in Columbus, OH, we will find you and tow your box truck away safely. 2. Return agreements You usually rent box trucks for a few days. But if it breaks down, you may have to extend the contract for a few more days until a technician fixes the issue. Make sure you check the agreement papers carefully. We can tow the box truck to the nearest car repair company. But will the car rental company allow a third-party to intervene? Be careful of the rules and regulations before contacting us. Just because box trucks are big and heavy doesn’t mean we need to have similar-sized trucks to tow them away. The concept of using a flatbed truck purely lies on physics. We believe in smart work. Therefore, we didn’t take the path of buying a truck that can tow box trucks away. Instead, we invested in several flatbed trucks and focused on how the physics would work if you have to tow a significantly bigger. We have achieved success consistently with our flatbed trucks and we will continue to follow that method in the future. Call us at (614) 444-8697 and tell us your location. We will reach with a flatbed truck in no time.